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Pre-GA Content
This content describes features that are pre-GA status and is intended for testing only.

Using a metadata-driven approach to accelerate connector development, REST SDK enables you to quickly and easily create a connector from an API specification (OAS or RAML), requiring little to no configuration.

Using REST SDK results in:

  • Instant connectivity via metadata

  • A shorter time to create connectors, sometimes from several months to days or minutes

  • A unified connector designer that welcomes nondeveloper users

  • Elimination of system-specific code and static assets

Follow this path to build your own connector using REST SDK:

  1. Overview

    Learn about REST SDK features and use cases.

  2. Setup and Installation

    Complete prerequisites and install the REST SDK plugin.

  3. Scaffold a Connector Descriptor

    Scaffold a connector descriptor from an API specification.

  4. Create a Connector

    Create a connector from your connector descriptor and an API specification.

  5. Create a Customization Layer

    To add new layers of functionality, optionally create an instance of your existing connector descriptor.

  6. Customize Your Connector

    Modify the connector descriptor and customization layer to customize your generated connector.

  7. Build and Publish Your Connector

    Build your connector using Apache Maven, generate models, and publish your connector to Anypoint Exchange.

  8. Use Your Connector in Studio or Flow Designer

    Use your connector directly in either Anypoint Studio or Anypoint Flow Designer.

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